When should I order my dress?

Each dress is made to order and takes about 9 weeks until it is ready to ship. Please allow extra time for transit, customs and ultimately alterations after it arrives in your home.

Coming soon will be a rush and super rush delivery of 5 and 3 weeks but until then please make sure to allow plenty of time.

When will I receive my dress?

Your dresses arrive in our warehouse in New York approximately 9 weeks after the order is placed. We then ship everything out via UPS ground. Depending where in the U.S. you are located transit times can take anywhere from 1 – 6 business days. Please see the below UPS map.

US Shipping Chart

Once it is shipped, we are not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

What do I do if I need my dress shipped faster than 9 weeks?

Khloe Jaymes will soon offer a rush delivery of 5 weeks and a super rush delivery of 3 weeks for additional fees. If it isn’t offered yet and you really need your dress, contact us at showroom@barijay.com or 212-391-1555 and we will see what we can do.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes we do... Expedited shipping will take 2 days to arrive to you and is a fixed amount based on the quantity of dresses. The chart below will let you know exactly what you will be charged.

East of the Mississsippi

Quantity Price for 2 Day Shipping
1 $25
2 $35
3-4 $50
5-6 $60
7-8 $70
9-10 $85

West of the Mississippi

Quantity Price for 2 Day Shipping
1 $30
2 $40
3-4 $60
5-6 $70
7-8 $80
9-10 $95

If you need overnight shipping please contact customer service

Do you charge sales tax?

There is no charge for sales tax on all orders shipped outside New York State. New York State customers are charged the state sales tax.

How do I calculate shipping?

Standard shipping on all items within the Continental US is FREE. Shipping outside of the Continental US is determined by the quantity of dresses and destination. The dress or dresses will be sent via UPS and the charge will be determined using the UPS published rates for the destination and size of the box.

Can I order a dress if I live outside of the US?

YES... If you live outside the US in any country except for the UK, Ireland or Canada (we do not ship to the UK, Ireland or Canada) you should place an order the same way you would if you lived in the US. The dress will be shipped via USPS and the shipping is determined using their rates for the size box needed and the destination. Please note our shipping rates cover our cost to ship a large box to other countries. It does not cover any customs or duty charges imposed on the receiver of the package.

What do I do if I want to return my dress?

Since every Khloe Jaymes dress is made to order the dresses cannot be returned.

In the rare occasion your Khloe Jaymes dress comes damaged in any way, please contact us at the customer service contacts above to discuss a replacement.


How do I determine my size?

The best way to get accurate measurements of your body is to have your measurements taken by a seamstress or tailor. If you don’t have time to get them taken professionally then please use the guide below to help you determine your sizing.

Khloe Jaymes Measuring Guide

Please remember to always go with your largest measurement when picking your size. Taking a dress in is easier than letting it out. The lining of these dresses are stretch jersey so there is a little give but the outside shell is not stretch.

In addition, if you are ordering a dress with a side zipper we recommend going up a size as side zipper dresses tend to fit tighter.

Will a Khloe Jaymes dress fit if I am really tall?

For the tall girl that all of us other girls are jealous of, you are not to worry because Khloe Jaymes offers extra lenth of 5” for an additional $5. Depending on your shoe height most girls up to 5’8” can wear the standard-length dress. For those that are taller, just add the extra length when choosing your size. Remember to consider your heel height when determining which dress length to be ordered.

Can I order fabric to match my Khloe Jaymes dress?

Fabric can be ordered to match any Khloe Jaymes dress. Just contact customer service at showroom@barijay.com or 212-391-1555 to inquire.

Can I try on a dress before ordering it?

Coming soon we will have dresses to lend to you so you can try on your Khloe Jaymes dress at home before purchasing. The colors and sizes will vary so you may not try the exact size in the exact color of the dress you want but every dress will be available.

Can I order swatches?

Soon you will be able to order swatches directly from the site. In the meantime if you contact customer service we will be happy to send swatches to you for a minimal cost.

Will the dye lots vary if my friends and I all order different styles or order the same styles at different times?

Dye lots always can vary although the variance is usually not noticeable. However, if you want to know that you and your friends will all be in dresses from the same dye lot we recommend placing the orders together or at the same time.

Can I make a change or cancel my order once it is placed?

All orders are final since they are all being made custom for you. If you realize you need to make a change such as size or color, contact customer service and we will make our best attempt to help if we can. However, please remember that if the order has been submitted we cannot guarantee changes or cancellations.